Friday, September 12

Music and Dance: The Sangeet

Sangeet means music, but in the case of a Hindu wedding, it refers to a song and dance filled event that takes place a few days before the wedding. Traditionally, women are the only ones to take part, though some men are allowed. During the event, ladies will sing traditional Indian songs, dance, and joke around with guests.

During my friend Mridula's wedding, the Sangeet was a talent show of sorts, showcasing the dance skills of friends, families, and the couple themselves!

Our Sangeet will take place on the rooftop of Sulekh's home on Thanksgiving Day, November 27th. My mom is sprucing up her moves and getting ready to show Muzaffarpur how California girls get down.... On second thought, I think we'll catch my mom up on some of the latest Bollywood moves, right mom!

Above is a clip of what Sue and my Sangeet will resemble and below is a fancier Sangeet performance from the movie "Monsoon Wedding."


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