Tuesday, August 26

Sue's Home State--Bihar, India

Bihar is a state in Eastern India. It boasts a population of 83 million people, 90% of which live in rural communities. Hindi and Urdu are the official languages of the state, though the majority speak a Bihari dialect. The word Bihar is derived from the Sanskrit word "vihara," which means abode or "vihar," meaning monastery.

While Bihar has a rich ancient history, in contemporary times, it struggles with poverty, illiteracy, and lack of development relative to the rest of India. In its past, the present day capital of Bihar, Patna, was the center of India's first empire and was a notable place of power, culture, and education. Bihar is also well know as the place where Buddha attained enlightenment under a Bodhi tree. Today, Bodhgaya is a Mecca for Buddhist followers.

Sue's dad was born in a small village in Vaishali, Bihar. Sue's grandfather was a priest, farmer, and legendary swimmer! Sue's mom was born and raised in the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) and met Sue's father while she was teaching in Bihar.

Here is a clip on village life in Bihar. Sue grew up in a bigger town-- more to come on his hometown, Muzaffarpur.

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Hey good topic on bihari culture though u guyz did not mention marriage ceremonies peformed in bihar state. so here is my post on about bihari wedding tradition for ur readers.