Friday, July 11

Wedding Plans Part I: India

It's been a year since Sulekh and I were engaged in India. Over the course of that year, many of you have anticipated news of our wedding plans and we have deliberated over how we would mark the occasion. We visited possible sites in California, we envisioned mariachis playing their trumpets alongside dhol players (Indian drummers), and we thought about the Indo-Mex cuisine that might be served (we LOVE to eat). We STILL are planning to do all of this, but sometimes, life just takes the driver's seat for you and opportunities present themselves when you least expect.

With dear family and friends both in Indian and in the US, we have been torn on how to celebrate such an important step in our lives with all of those whom we love.

Planning for an upcoming trip to India this August and after convincing my dad to join us, we started to realize even greater possibilities. Over the course of just one week, we decided to dream big and made the decision to marry in India (in addition to getting married in California).

Okay, okay, I'm wordy, I know! We're getting married in India.

Should I have just started with that? :-)

We figured if Star Wars, Back to the Future and Batman can do it, why can't we have a Wedding Part I and Wedding Part II. So, we are having two weddings, the first of which will be celebrated in India this fall.

After consulting a pundit within Sue's family (more in my next entry about this), it has been decided that we will marry on November 29th, 2008 in Sulekh's hometown of Muzaffarpur, India.

Anyone who wants to experience this celebration is MORE THAN WELCOMED to join. This is an opportunity for us to honor a long-standing Indian tradition and to involve Sulekh's family in an official recognition of our commitment to each other. Of course, we are planning to have an equally meaningful and amazing occasion in California, too, so that we can involve all of you who are in the US.

We are having an India wedding! In India! And Sue says that it is going to be great. So, join us as we plan and celebrate our Great Indian Wedding.


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