Thursday, July 17

How We Chose the Date

You might think that choosing a wedding date is fairly simple.  You think about the season that suits you, find a venue, avoid holidays/birthdays and there you go.  

Choosing a date for a Hindu wedding entails a little more coordination.  So how did Sue and I come to our date (November 29th)?

First, we were advised to avoid the monsoon season altogether.  Monsoons lead to major floods and that plus the unpredictability of the rains can ruin an outdoor wedding. Yikes! Given this, we opted for a date after October.  

We then called Sue's Dad (Papa ji) who took down our birthdays, hours of birth, and the location of my birth.  He took this information to one of Sue's cousins--a Hindu priest who is familiar with Hindu astrological charts.  Using this information, the priest identified 3 auspicious dates for our wedding.  One of the dates only allowed us to begin the ceremony after 2 am.  I'm too old for late night parties, so that was out of the question!  Between the other two dates, we opted for November 29th, which happened to be a Saturday--much more convenient for out of town guests.  

Here's a light article about choosing a date for a South Indian wedding (although, Sue is from north India).

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