Sunday, July 27

Haldi Ceremony: Purely Prepped

Haldi (turmeric) is a root within the ginger family. When dried and ground, it becomes a deep yellow powder. The powder is used as a spice (base for curry powder and substitute for saffron) and as food coloring. Haldi is also known to have medicinal properties and can be used as an anti-septic for cuts and bruises.

The Haldi ceremony takes place a day or so before the wedding ceremony. Turmeric (haldi), rosewater, and sandalwood are mixed into a paste that is applied on both the bride and groom by their female relatives and friends. The ceremony is considered auspicious and is meant to purify both bride and groom before the big day. Because of the medicinal properties, it’s like a mini-facial/body scrub the day before the wedding. Warning---if you keep this paste on for too long, it'll look like you had a bad run-in with a self-tanner.   Ewwwww.
Our Haldi Ceremony will take place the same day as the Mehendi ceremony, November 28th.  

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